Whilst the balls are continiously churned in the snack dispenser's hopper Borborygmus attempts to release a ball by touching the lever . He does this twice and then scratches his head.
The third time he presses the lever and looks down as the arm on the dispenser rotates to deliver a ball to his cup.
Borborygmus leans forward and the arm on the dispenser rotates out of the way , he then lifts his arm up and tips the ball into his mouth , as he does so he looks up then swallows the ball .
The ball is transfered to his stomach where it is churned for a while before being released by a trapdoor back into the dispenser.
The whole process begins again.
There are a whole variety of materials used in the constrction including :
Dogulas Fir, Swiss pear, Maple, Beech, Lime ,
Brass , Bronze , Phosphor Bronze , copper , Aluminium , Stainless steel ,
Delrin , Perspex, PTFE etc....

Dimensions 320 mm x 190 mm x 100 mm ( 13" x 7.5" x 4" ) .

Borborygmus is designed and built by Matt Smith and painted by Sarah Smith ( with a bit of spraying by Matt ) everything except the ball bearings and the chain in the mechanism is made in my workshop .
Everything is made by hand without any CNC machines whatsoever !
This edition will be a maximum of 20 ( most likely less )
These will be made to order only , for delivery in 6-8 months time .
NB : These are photos of the prototype the finished version will not have the flaws that this one does .