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goat  A goat at the piano goat and cat
the socks mechanism

 The Goat at the Piano was designed by Paul Spooner and Matt Smith the first edition of 27 being finished in December 1991, there are now 42.                                                                                

 The goat beats the piano keyboard with two socks ( filled with sand ) and sings merrily along , at the same time pretending to read the music . There is a lot of noise as two hammers inside the piano bash two pieces of aluminium . The cat covers his ears and when the noise stops slowly uncovers them.                                                                                                                              

The model is 150mm x 160mm x 260mm high.                                                                              

The box is Douglas fir with lime , sycamore , ebony and rosewood ( on the first edition )             

The rose wood was reclaimed and was originally a dance floor in Warwick castle.

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