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goats having fun goat organ

The Goat Organ is designed and made by Matt Smith a rather elaborate automata involving five organ pipes two sets of bellows and nine valves .

The goat on the floor pumps the bellows whilst the goat on the organ hits the keys , both goats are of course singing .

As this is going on the organ pipes slide up and down and produce a tune.........( of sorts ).                                     The organ is made of black walnut , ebony and beech , the goats are lime and rosewood , The box is Douglas fir with the mechanism being made of stainless steel , brass , birch plywood , yew , and special bellows leather . Each of these takes me longer to make than it used to take British Leyland to make a Mini ( hence the price ! ! )             A limited edition of fifteen finished in December 2003.                                                                

The model is 200mm x 130mm x 480mm high

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