OK , I know what your'e thinking I've seen this joke before and yes you have but
OK I know what you're thinking , I've seen this joke before ...and yes you have . But I thought
 it was worth doing again . This version is somewhat funnier and the last version was done in 2004.
Anyway this Automata stands 240 mm high and is 90 mm x 90mm . To see him in action there are
various videos on youtube , if you click on the link below you will be able to view them.
 He is made from Maple and lime wood with a Douglas fir box and Maple and
Birch wood for the mechanism . Other materials used are brass, silicone bronze and delrin.
They will be available for delivery later in the year , probably in December .
An edition of  30.
 If you would like to order one they cost
please let me know  . My email is :    matt@fourteenballstoy.co.uk