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This is called either hungry for love , or the Californians depending on which label you read.       

Designed by Paul Spooner and made by Matt Smith . Made in an edition of 14 that were finished in November 1995.                                                                                                                         

The action is fairly complex : She begins at the right hand side of the box and wheels the hostess trolley towards the expectant sailor who vigorously bangs his cutlery on the table . As she walks she wiggles her behind in a provocative way . When she arrives at the sailors table the lids of the trolley lift to reveal two wobbling jellies , He ceases to abuse his knife and fork and gulps as he looks down at the treat before him .                                                                                               

The machine is largely constructed of walnut With beech and lime etc...............                            

 It is 250mm x 120mm x 300mm high .

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