The lustful sloth


The Lustful Sloth


Here we have the latest edition from Fourteen Balls Designed made by Matt Smith.

The Sloth tries in vain to climb over the barrel in order to find his mate who is Calling to him, all the time he looks from

side to side for rivals.The sound is produced by means of a pair of bellows and reed.


The automata is 170 mm x 110 mm x 250 mm high.


The box is made from Douglas Fir, the mechanism is made from maple, birch, brass,

Leather, bronze and rare earth magnets.


The Barrel is constructed of Oak, Delrin and steel (it has 38 separate parts)!


The Sloth is made from Lime, copper, brass and bronze.


The version in the photos is the prototype and has various flaws, the finished version will be much nicer!


The price is £ 1,250.00 + delivery

NB :These will be ready for delivery towards the end of the year


      VIDEO 1      VIDEO 2