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maud horrified flo with chicken , click here for more
It's called ' the price of chickens'  a limited edition of fourteen. Designed and made by Matt Smith with the painting done by Sarah Smith .
 The action is:-
The lady in blue ( Maud ) is talking to Flo ( the other woman ) , Flo then pulls a chicken out of her basket ( the chicken raises about 6cm and is  hidden by the basket ) then tells Maud the price , Maud stops talking and leans forward to take a closer look , at the same time she raises her hand to the side of her face ( as elderly English ladies are prone to do , Have a look around any supermarket ! )
the machine then resets.

The usual range of materials are used.          An edition of  14 ( two are mine ) dated  15 / 2 / 05  except no 6 which is dated 8 / 12 / 04 .

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