This is 'Warhol's Cat' the new edition from the Fourteen Balls Toy Company . Designed and made by Matt Smith .
The automata is 150 mm x 100 mm x 230 mm ( 6" x 4" x 9" )
The box is Douglas fir with the mechanism being made of Stainless steel , brass ,  birch plywood , maple , phosphor bronze
and a small amount of Delrin  .
The cat himself is carved from lime wood  and the eyes made from Delrin balls.
The mechanism inside the head is made from brass , phosphor bronze and spring steel .
The Campbell’s soup tin is a solid piece of steel with a label printed from a hand painted original ( by Sarah Smith ).
The mechanism comprises two brass ratchets and three camshafts , with a fairly complex sequence .

                                                              A video of it working can be seen here
                                                              SORRY SOLD OUT