I've been making automata for nearly 30 years as a full time occupation and have built up a great deal of experience in the use of materials and making mechanisms . To date I've made over 7000 individual automata and machines both big and small.


I have made big versions of the small editions for many years and over the last few years have been making mechanical exhibits for museums .
Each exhibit tells a different story and is custom designed to the requirements of the client.
They come with a lifetime return to base guarantee , the larger exhibits are designed to be modular and each section can be removed for
maintenance or repair.
I have automata in private collections and exhibitions all over the world and continue to make limited editions of small automata
in between the larger commissions.

My wife Sarah is commercial artist and brings the automata to life with her painting skills .

We are lucky enough to live in Falmouth , and when we are not working can often be found diving on the many shipwrecks
around Cornwalls beautiful coast .