writer's cramp Fourteen Balls label ( actually the inverse colours as it looked better ). how much
Fish ! The Secret  The Foxes 

NEW EDITION ! There will be a new edition available to order, they cost 699.00 . If you click on the skeleton above you can have a look , if you would like further details please feel free to email me.   matt@fourteenballstoy.co.uk
The first batch of the new edition has sold out . However there will be a few more available in December , but only a few.  



Latest news : I've just installed the my latest commission in Barnsley museum .To see a video of it working click here .

These two machines are joining another automata donation box in York Minster Cathedral.



The photograph below shows an automata for the Birmingham Museum and art gallery

Depicting a series of workshops from the 1790's manufacturing a flintlock rifle

work in progress

Obviously Fourteen Balls Automata are not intended for children , they contain hundreds of small parts that a small child could choke on so please do not buy them as children's toys.


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