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The Fourteen  Balls  Toy  Co.   travelling   show  is  a  collection  of   automata  produced by Matt Smith  and  Paul   Spooner  over  the  last eighteen  years  or  so . They  are  all  supplied 

 in  solid English  oak  display  cases  with   laminated   glass  on  all  sides . They  are  all motorised   and power  is  provided  by  batteries  in  the   base  which  provide  enough  power 

 for  about  six months  .  The  cases  are  all  self   contained  so  no  additional  wiring  is required   making  the setting  up  of  the  show  easy .  All  that   is  required  is  lighting  and  

plinths  for   the  display  cases .                                                                                                   


 full  details  are  available from  Matt  


Fourteen Balls Automata were exhibited at the following venues as part of exhibitions organised by The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.                        

If you happen to have any photos of any of these exhibitions I would love to have them to put on the website 


1992 : Automata south bank centre ,  London

1993 : Fujita Vente Museum , Tokyo

1995 : Automates & dessins , Nancy ( France )

1996 :  Exemplar '96 ,  Munich

1996 : Humour and Technology , Copenhagen

1996 : Seven Designers in Monogram , Louis Vuitton

Paris , London , New York , Barcelona , Tokyo etc......

1999 : All hands on deck ,  Falmouth

2000 : Scenes d'automates anglais , Paris

2000 : Round the Bend , Penzance , Cornwall ( ongoing )

2002 : Out of the box , The Air Gallery , London

2003 : Automata , The Royal Pump rooms , Leamington Spa

2003 : The Cabaret Mechanical Festival , London

2004 : The Exploratorium , San Francisco

2004 : Jeux D'automates Musee des automates France

2004 : Cabaret Mechanical Christmas , Oxo tower London

2005 : Minnesota science museum ,USA

2005 : Cabaret Mechanics ,London

2006 : The Science Station Iowa ,USA

2008-2009 : Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, USA

2009-2010 : The Don Harrington discovery centre , Texas USA

2010 : Eretz Israel Museum , Tel-Avi , Israel

2010 : Miami Science Museum , USA

There are lots of exhibitions missing , I've forgotten them , I'll add them when I remember


Keith Newstead, Carlos Zapata and Paul Spooner at the Cabaret Mechanical Exhibition in London.
part of The Cabaret Mechanical Theatres Show
Exhibition at the Exploratorium in San Francisco 
Exhibition At the Exploratorium in San San francisco 
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