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The  Fourteen  Balls  Toy  Co.   began  in   June  1986  and  has  been   making  automata  ever  since.

The  company  consists of Matt Smith who Designs and makes all the automata and Sarah  Smith who has been doing  the  bulk  of  the  painting  for  the   past  few  years . Sarah is now training to become a silversmith so much of the painting is now also done by me ( Matt ).

Paul Spooner who designed a lot of the early Fourteen Balls automata has not been involved since 2003 , all designs since then have been designed and made by by Matt Smith .

A  list  of  the  automata  produced  is  on  the  next  two  pages  and   from  there  you  can link  onto  a  detailed  description with photographs  of  each  of  the  models . The Models are listed  in  chronological order and provide a history in themselves .

NB. I try to be as accurate as I can with numbers but The numbers of each model produced may need updating in some cases .




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